Encrypted communication for mere mortals 
 (superheroes welcome, too)

Bitmask Features

VPN features

With Bitmask VPN, all your traffic is securely routed through your provider before it is decrypted and sent on to the open internet.

  • Thwart Network Surveillance
    Bitmask VPN is very effective at bypassing most censorship and network surveillance by your ISP or country.
  • Anonymize your address
    Your IP address will also be hidden, keeping your physical location safe from nefarious websites or network eavesdroppers.
  • Extra Security
    We take extra security measures to prevent problems common to other personal VPNs, such as DNS leakage and IPv6 leakage.

Security features

  • Allows anonymous usage
    LEAP providers can enable the VPN usage using a anonymous certificate as verification method. No Passwords needed!
  • Passwords, Improved
    Although you specify a username and password to login, your password is never communicated to the provider.
  • Pluggable Transports
    Bitmask Android supports Pluggable Transports to circumvent VPN blockings.
  • Firewall
    RiseupVPN, the branded version of Bitmask for desktops supports extra firewalling to prevent data leakage (currently Linux and MacOSX, Windows coming soon).
  • Up to date
    The Bitmask application is always kept up to date with the latest security patches for Android and Linux. Windows and Mac users currently need to update manually, but we're working on automatic update mechanisms there as well.
  • Don't trust the provider
    When you download Bitmask from, your service provider will not be able to distribute to you a compromised client with a backdoor.

As with any security system, Bitmask has known limitations. For technical details, see our design documentation.