Encrypted communication for mere mortals 
 (superheroes welcome, too)

Bitmask is an open source application to provide easy and secure encrypted communication. You can choose among several different service providers or start your own. Currently, Bitmask supports encrypted internet (VPN) and encrypted email.


The Bitmask application is designed to have a friendly interface with automatic configuration. You simply start the application, register with the compatible service provider of your choice, and away you go.

Bitmask VPN

With Bitmask VPN, all your traffic is securely routed through your provider before it is decrypted and sent on to the open internet.

Encrypted Email

Bitmask Encrypted Email is easy to use while still being backward compatible with the existing OpenPGP protocol for secure email.

Supported providers

The following service providers are compatible with the Bitmask application:

Fork our code

Hey, you! We could use a hand here. You want communication free of surveillance, based on open protocols, and that gives users control over their own data? Well, grab a keyboard and pitch in—the code is not going to write itself.

In particular, if you have finely honed skill in Python, Android Java, Ruby, C, CouchDB, Windows, Mac, Puppet, Qt, or you really love crypto, we could sure use your help.

  1. Fork our code
  2. Create a new branch from develop called feature/x or bugfix/x.
  3. Hack away.
  4. Issue a pull request on github from your feature or bugfix branch to the upstream develop branch.
  5. Discuss and wait for request to be merged.
  6. Repeat.

Currently, we release a new version of the Bitmask application every three weeks, and other components as necessary.

About us

The Bitmask application is lovingly hand-crafted by a team of paid and volunteer programmers from seven different countries. Development is principally sponsored by the LEAP Encryption Access Project, an non-profit organization dedicated to defending democracy by protecting the right to whisper.

The service providers and are operated by LEAP in order to demonstrate usage of the Bitmask application. However, we actively encourage other organizations to start their own compatible service providers by using our free software platform for server automation.